1. Para Spogger Features

    • Schedule View

      With a number of events taking place, you want to find out what's most relevant for you. Good planning is crucial to get a hold of your schedule. Plan and manage your schedule and organise your favourite events.

    • Cloud sync

      Cloud synchronisation copies your personalised schedule across all your mobile devices, so you don't have to do it by hand. You can log in by Facebook or by e-mail to use Cloud sync.

    • Calendar Sync

      Synchronise all of your favourite events from the Schedule view to your iCal calendar, so you can see your chosen events, appointments and meetings in one place!

    • Map view

      Get to know where the venues are, and how to get there! See all the venues on the map via standard, satellite, and hybrid views, or browse through the different categories.

    • Multilingualism

      Is English not your first language? Spogger is localised into more than 5 languages and the number of localisations continues to expand. The language setting of the app depends on your device regional settings, but can be changed at any time via the settings menu.

    • Descriptions

      What are the basics of boxing? Where is ExCeL? When are the 100m finals taking place ? All of your Olympic questions, about sport, venues and events are answered by one source: Spogger.

    • Voting

      A brand new, and very useful feature making it possible to vote for your favourite athlete, sport or charity. Voting gets you entry to our free Olympics ticket draw!

    • YouTube Channel

      The App is directly linked with the OlympiMania and the official London 2012 YouTube Channels where you can watch a variety of fun and engaging videos about the Olympics.

    • Blog

      A unique and entertaining blog that will keep you updated on all the latest news about the Games, the hottest places in London, and upcoming events occurring this summer.

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